Putting Our Own Capital at RiskEach member of the team has invested a significant amount of capital in Avante Corp., and we approach each investment as owners and shareholders.

Partnering with Proven ManagementWe partner with – and invest alongside – entrepreneurial managers who have demonstrated leadership ability and have strategic vision for the future of the company.

Alignment of InterestsUnderlying each of our investments is the concept of alignment of interests; as partners, we succeed when our partners and portfolio companies succeed. In each of our portfolio companies, its managers are shareholders and have significant personal capital at risk. In addition, we encourage the implementation of equity-linked long-term incentive packages to further align the interests of management with those of Avante Corp shareholders.

Leveraging Knowledge of Security IndustryThrough our in-depth industry experience and research – and by leveraging our relationships and those of our board – we actively seek companies that meet our criteria for value creation.

The leadership team has focused on several verticals, including: protective services, electronic security, monitoring, and managed services, security devices and hardware, investigations, intelligence and cyber.

We believe that by keeping a laser focus on what we know best; there is an opportunity to create substantial equity value. We have grown up in the security industry and during this time have gotten to know the market, can identify the leading companies and executives, understand the industry dynamics and the key value drivers.

We love the security industry for its recurring revenue, high EBITDA margins, top-line growth, and cost-based economies of scale with widely distributed customer bases. Ultimately, when an investment strategy is formulated, we seek industry partners who share our value creation vision. Through years of investing experience, the leadership team has focused on several verticals, including physical security, security integration services, video surveillance, identity solutions, public safety & corrections, homeland defense, medical monitoring, smart home technology, and cybersecurity.

We work within our portfolio to help create long term financial returns for all shareholders. With the common goal of creating significant equity value, by:

· Identifying and setting long-term goals and objectives· Assisting with strategic and financial initiatives· Introducing potential customers or new business relationships· Introducing new executives for board positions· Providing negotiation, due diligence, transaction structuring and integration support for acquisitions· Providing assistance with re-financings or restructurings of credit facilities

Through our board and our industry relationships, we provide access to the advice and counsel of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives.

Our People

Each member of the team is an active participant in the investment decision-making process for our portfolio companies. The team is significantly invested in each of our portfolio of companies and approaches each business as shareholders.


A leader in active ownership, the Avante team begins supporting the drive for rapid returns immediately post-closing by developing a strategic roadmap, helping to align management with critical priorities, and directing focused initiatives.